The collective experience of our teachers exceeds 200 years of shared wisdom and we are looking forward to sharing that knowledge with you as a new student! When you enroll with the Sacred Mists Academy, you will learn from well-rounded, in-depth, and intensive curriculums that we have developed from our personal experiences in order to ensure your spiritual growth and success on your journey.

One-on-One mentorship

Wiccan Degree Program students are provided with a personal mentor who will help guide you as you being your journey and move forward through your lessons.

One-on-One mentorship

Each of our courses has attentive teachers, mentors, and guides who will work with you as you explore the lessons, engage in our online social Circle, and gain insight and wisdom.

seasoned practitioners

Sacred Mists Academy is filled with students and instructors who have been practicing the Craft for decades, each one ready and able to share their experiences and help you as you learn and grow in your chosen path.

seasoned practitioners

Our instructors provide you with unlimited resources to learn and grow through the sharing of experience and knowledge gleaned from lifetimes of magickal and practical experience.

A dedicated Community

Students gain access to our private social community, Sacred Mists Circle, where instructors and students share their lives and learning through personal profiles, photos, groups, chatrooms, and more. Sacred Mists Circle is a unique coven-like community where you can spread your spiritual wings and soar!

A dedicated Community

Create your profile page, write in your magickal journal, gain feedback and insight, share joys and sorrows, triumphs and challenges, photos of your life, get tarot readings, and lend support to others on their spiritual journey.


For over twenty years, Sacred Mists has been a mainstay in the pagan community. As one of the original online Wiccan training programs, we have provided thousands of students around the world with the knowledge and experience needed to become adept in the art of practicing Witchcraft and helped them deepen their connection with their Wiccan spirituality. Our focus is our students as we interact and connect within our community, sharing our lives and our path as a holistic experience. We feel strongly that living the path is an important part of learning the path and we are here to share in that journey with our students through our community, Sacred Mists Circle, as well as through our lessons.

Our instructors & mentors have over two centuries of combined knowledge.
Sacred Mists Academy has been devoted to learning and teaching for 20+ years.

Delve deep into Wiccan Spirituality, the Sacred Mysteries, Rights of Passage and more.

The Sacred Mists tradition is based on Celtic Traditional Wicca. We also recognize the validity of the many branches of Wicca and Witchcraft, therefore we teach a broad introduction to other traditions and practices with an eclectic flair. As Witches, we recognize duality and polarity and therefore are not completely goddess-centric, recognizing that gods energy is an integral and balancing aspect to the whole experience.

Witchcraft and Wiccan spirituality is a part of our lives, and with the openness of our Wiccan Degree Training Program we provide you with the structured learning you need along with the flexibility of allowing you to integrate the teachings, and the Path as a whole, in whatever way feels right for your life. Of course, we offer many other courses that can be taken on their own or to enhance your expertise as a Wiccan Priestess or Priest.

When you enroll in Sacred Mists Academy you will gain access to a world of information and community youve never had access to before, including:

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  • Access to our comprehensive lessons for the course (or courses) you have enrolled in.
  • Wiccan Degree Program students will be provided with a trained and experienced personal mentor who will aid you from the moment you begin your journey with us.
  • Access to our large and wonderful online student community, Sacred Mists Circle, which is our collective and coven-like spiritual home. We have built our own social media platform that is similar to the Facebook environment but is only for enrolled members of Sacred Mists Academy. There, you can create your own profile, write in your own journal and get feedback from your fellow students, join topic groups to expand your learning such as Empaths, Healing, Arts and Crafting, Divination, Kitchen Witchcraft, Kitchen Witchcraft, Healthy Witches (also known as The MistFits), and more.
  • A full 10% off every purchase placed with Sacred Mists Shoppe, as well as access to special, members-only offers.
  • Access to our ever-growing online Book of Shadows.
  • Beautiful, custom certificates of attainment upon completion of each degree or course. Each gorgeous certificate can be easily printed out on heavy parchment and is suitable for framing.
  • Homework and final exam grading, as well as personal assistance with lessons and learning to aid your knowledge base and experience.
  • Online rituals, study halls, and an array of fun get-togethers that take place in our community chat rooms.
  • Optional access to our interactive and in-depth extension classes. These classes include subjects such as Tarot, Potion Craft, Candle Making and Magick, Scrying, Pendulum Use, Runes, Palmistry, Reiki, Ogham, Astrology, Numerology and many others.
  • and MUCH more!

Your journey does not have to end with a single specialization but can continue on with the ability to study through all of our courses, degrees, and pathways on your journey through the magick of Sacred Mists.


Sacred Mists Academy offers unique courses, degrees and pathways that will lead you deeper into the mysteries of magick providing you with the opportunity to specialize in areas that call to you most: Teacher, Healer, Seer, Spellweaver, Historian, Solitary, or Practitioner, or Counselor. Sacred Mists Circle is a unique coven-like community where you can spread your spiritual wings and soar!

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