It is understood that an enrollment fee and monthly tuition is required to enroll, and continue my enrollment, in the courses offered at Sacred Mists Academy and that each course carries its own enrollment and tuition fee. There are no refunds. It is understood that the monthly tuition option is only available for PayPal tuition submission subscribers. Submission of tuition is available via money order or direct credit card payment by special arrangement and requires semi-annual prepayment of tuition fees.


It is understood that no part of these courses, associated literature, documents, emails, images, or other Sacred Mists proprietary information or authored information may be reproduced in any way, shape or form without the express written permission of Sacred Mists Academy administration. This includes printing the pages for use other than your own personal notebooks, copying/pasting content, screenshots of content, placing them in any form within articles or printed material, or sharing the information anywhere outside of Sacred Mists Academy.


It is understood that the student access is provided to only the enrolled student and cannot be shared or otherwise distributed.


It is understood that every student enrolled in Sacred Mists Academy must respect and uphold the anonymity of each student to others outside of these virtual walls. We are here in perfect love and perfect trust, and upon entry you are being brought into the safety of our existing Circle. Student privacy is of utmost importance to us. Failure to adhere to this policy is grounds for immediate removal from the Academy.


It is understood that each student must check in with the community and participate in our social media platform, Sacred Mists Circle, at least once per week. We do encourage more participation than this minimum as part of your training and overall experience.


It is understood that no person under the age of 18 may enroll in Sacred Mists Academy without the express written permission of their parent/guardian. This permission must be received in writing and verified by Sacred Mists Academy administration before your enrollment will be processed. Students under the age of 16 may only enroll if accompanied by an adult parent or guardian enrollment.


It is understood that you must attend online Sacred Mists Sabbat online rituals as often as possible during your enrollment and training and that you must attend at least 3 per Degree in order to attain each Degree and move forward in your training.


It is understood that participation in degree initiations is optional and available only to those that choose to initiate into the Sacred Mists Tradition. Training is always available to those that do not wish to do so, however some training within Sacred Mists is only available to those who choose to follow the Tradition.


Anyone found in violation of any of these terms and conditions will be subject to immediate dismissal from Sacred Mists Academy without refund.


Each lesson is personally graded and you will receive feedback and guidance from your instructor that is meaningful to your unique journey. There are no canned responses and no mass produced grades. This is a personal journey for you and we foster that every step of the way.

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