Take a journey through the ages as we explore

the history of witchcraft and paganism.

Your experience starts with a complete course in Historical Paganism. Travel through time, beginning four million years ago, and take a journey through the ages as we explore ancient paganism as it evolved on every continent and throughout every culture our world has ever known. Each lesson builds on the previous one to create a foundation of understanding across the continents. Your journey through Historical Paganism will take you from the very beginnings of our evolution, into Mesopotamia, Arabia, Ancient Persia, Greece, Rome, Europe, Asia and more. This is an in-depth, fascinating look into our spiritual past, filled with scientific fact and archaeological theory.

prehistoric beliefs
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Prehistoric Beginnings

You will uncover the very roots of paganism and explore how some of the oldest cultures on earth lived a deeply spiritual existence.

ancient paganism
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Ancient People/Cultures

Going back beyond 5000 BC, explore the rich cultures of historical people across the world, from the Sumarians, Greeks, & Celts to Indians, Asians, Africans, & Native Americans.

ancient myths and legends
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Ancient Myths & Legends

You will explore and study some of the most important mythology ever written and how there are as many similarities as there are differences across historic cultures.

You’ll then move into the next course of this two-part program, The History of Witches in the Western World.

This course will provide you with an in-depth approach to the history of witchcraft in the Near East, Europe, and North America, as told through the tales of the mythological and historical figures associated with witchcraft and magick from the dawn of mankind to the beginning of the twentieth century. Through the analysis of their biographies and the contexts within which they “lived”, the student will be presented with the varied spectrum of women and men who have been

labeled as ‘witch’ throughout time; and the anthropological transformations which occurred throughout history regarding the changing figure of the ‘Witch’ and the nature of her/his power and their presence within the politics and pop culture of their society.

Immerse yourself in our rich history and find yourself understanding your spirituality and practice better than ever before!

female goddesses
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The First Witch

You will learn who the very first witch was and how he or she practiced the spiritual arts. You will also earn about their importance in their culture and how they were revered.

biblical witches
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The Biblical Witches

There are, in fact, witches present within the Bible and you'll read about them and learn how even in Biblical times, witches were consulted and their skills as healers and oracles. They were renowned and revered, until they weren't.

hellenic witches
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Goddesses & Witches

Study the ancient stories-turned-myth of the Hellenic, Roman, and Celtic cultures and learn more about the incredibly powerful and influential women who were deified and worshipped, a practice that continues to this day.

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Join us as we retrace the history and explore the practices of prehistoric cultures steeped in spiritualism, ancient paganism, all culminating into the dawn of modern witchcraft.

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