Learn the art of sacred healing through traditional Usui Reiki training and

attunements through the First Level to Master Teacher.

The Sacred Mists Reiki Training and Attunement Program consists of home study courses that are very easy to follow allowing you learn at your own pace. Rest assured, you will also have continuous support. The attunements that you will receive will empower you for the rest of your life. Reiki already exists within you, it only needs to be ‘awakened’ by the attunement process.

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Authentic learning

Discover the power of Reiki from Mikao Usui's original writing; a precise, eloquent and simple application of the art of Reiki with a focus on its fundamentals.

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Universal Attunement

Learn how to connect to the universal energy which can give you the power to heal yourself when and where you need it, and to heal others when you apply your attunement to their needs.

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Holistic healing

The act of healing yourself and others is so universal in its effect that it can help prevent dysfunctions within the body in all areas, even those you're not specifically targeting.

Each Sacred Mists Reiki attunement is personally and individually performed by Lady Lorien, who is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher as well as a seasoned practitioner. Her lineage can be traced back to Dr. Mikao Usui, and is outlined for you in the handbook that accompanies each attunement grouping available for study.

Because we are all completely different individuals, every person experiences their attunements in their own, unique way. You will receive what you are ready to receive and will grow into your fullest potential with continuous practice.

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Opening Self Awareness

Open your chakras and attune your powers of intuition, allowing you to improve your self-confidence and make better decisions as well as guide others to similar levels of awareness.

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Moving Past Pain

Learn to channel Reiki to remove the energetic element that is attaching itself to your psyche; often removing the pain, anxiety and negative emotions that traumas leave behind.

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Reiki Attunement

Attunement can be achieved by self-directed methods which Master Mikao Usui himself used, each of which are expounded upon over the length of the program.

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